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Boneless Country Style<br>Pork Ribs​

Boneless Country Style
Pork Ribs​

$1.99 lb.
​​Beef P​​etite​​<br>Sirloin Steaks​​​​

​​Beef P​​etite​​
Sirloin Steaks​​​​

$4.49 lb.
Lay's 10-10.5 oz.<br>Select Varieties<br>Potato ​Chips​​​

Lay's 10-10.5 oz.
Select Varieties
Potato ​Chips​​​

Powerade 32 oz. Selected Varieties<br>Sports Drinks​

Powerade 32 oz. Selected Varieties
Sports Drinks​

Simerly's current store front

Our History

We love the community of Wendell, Idaho and enjoy the thrill we get as our customers come to us for all of their grocery and sporting goods needs.

Simerly's has a rich history that has seen the building of our company from humble roots starting in 1952 to a small family store that thrives off the great community that we serve.

Whether we were battling fires, burglaries, financial difficulties, we have always persevered and look forward to serving our community for years to come.

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